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Timeless Travel

Philadelphia International Airport - D/E Connector


Timeless Travel is a retailer that sells luxury brand watches including Movado, Swavarski, Coach, Guess, and Longines, as well as sunglasses by Maui Jim. This is the first watch store in the D/E Terminal connector. Russ Kelly & Associates overcame the difficulty of working in an area with limited space while building this store. The modern style of this retailer is seen in the chic tile floor, as well as the soffits and walls with tile finishes. The ceiling is artistically designed to look like it has airplanes streaming across it and the eye-catching engine cowlings that are used to showcase a variety of watch brands. 


RKA constructed all of the wall cubbies and made them into shelving for the brands to display their beautiful watches. Installing the light fixtures into the hard ceiling proved to be a difficult task because of the many linear diffusers and the expansion joint that stretches across the entire space. RKA was able to overcome this challenge and installed eight access panels that are hidden, as if they did not exist in the first place. Timeless Travel is the perfect place for travelers to purchase a timepiece that is not only beautiful but will also help them to stay on time for their flights.

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