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The Rarest

Restaurant Startup Winner Opens New Eatery

Chef Anthony Marini's restaurant concept won an episode of CNBC's Restaurant Startup early last year. And now he's opening his restaurant, The Rarest, at 9th and Chestnut Street in downtown Philadelphia.


Philadelphia's historical landmark, The Ben Franklin House, is now home to one of the newest and most modern restaurants in the city. Renovating a building that is over 100 years old, Russ Kelly & Associates had to keep in mind the historic value of the building while selecting the materials and finishes. RKA employees and subcontractors worked tirelessly to install polished stained concrete floors, interior columns wrapped in reclaimed Douglas Fir barn boards, and a wood ceiling that would blend the perfect mix of rustic and modern decor. Customers feel right at home at both the custom mahogany bar upfront and the back bar where they can lounge on new red oak stools. In the dining area, Russ Kelly & Associates installed red oak chairs, wood table tops, and leather benches to complete the restaurant. 


Russ Kelly & Associates delivered a complete renovation of the dining area and a full kitchen overhaul, with all new kitchen equipment and appliances. This was just what the space needed to create this uniquely modern restaurant. Working closely with the architect, engineers, landlord, and client, Russ Kelly & Associates was able to keep this project as close to the original concept of the designer as possible. Overall, this was a success for new restaurant owner Anthony Marini and Russ Kelly & Associates. 

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