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Packard Motor Car Building

317 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


The Packard Building is an apartment complex located in Center City, Philadelphia. This building was constructed in the 1930s and is considered part of historic Philadelphia. It was previously the home to the Philadelphia Press and The Evening Bulletin but was later transitioned into apartments in the 1980s. RKA recently renovated the lobby of this building and restored it to its prime. We added a new concierge desk in the main lobby, as well as a new lounge and fitness center. The main lobby of The Packard Building is a large, open space with hand-crafted, wooden molding that sans the perimeter. The renovation of this area and the addition of a new concierge desk make the area more welcoming for tenants, as well as guests who may be considering a lease.


The lounge has a very modern feel with the gray paneled walls and the black paint that covers the trim. With a large sectional, many lounge chairs, a flat-screen TV, a pool table, and a full-sized kitchen this space is the perfect area for tenants to come to relax, or even to entertain guests. RKA experienced some challenges with this project because the building was fully operational during the entire process and tenants would be in and out of the space quite often. The sleek, finished look of this space allows the Packard Building to bridge the gap between the classic feel of the historic aspects of the building and modern style.

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