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MAC Cosmetics

Philadelphia International Airport - B/C Connector, A Terminal West


MAC Cosmetics is a major player in the make-up industry, and they sell a wide range of cosmetic products including brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and foundations. Russ Kelly & Associates completed MAC’s newest locations in the B/C Terminal connector and the A Terminal in the Philadelphia International Airport. The sleek storefront includes powder coated metal panels, as well as HD monitors that are inset in the wall. All of the glamourous millwork includes LED lighting, as well as mirrored walls. The colorful interior of this store adds a light, playful mood to the space and showcases the fun colors that MAC includes in their shade ranges. 


RKA faced some challenges with laying out and fitting all of the recessed lights in the hard ceiling because of the strict rules and regulations put in place by the airport. RKA placed access panels between each of the light fixtures and created a sophisticated finished look. MAC has an incredible selection of the finest makeup products and these new locations are perfect for travelers who may have forgotten some of their cosmetic essentials at home, or for those who are looking for a last minute glam.

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