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La Colombe

Philadelphia International Airport - A Terminal


La Colombe is a coffee roaster and retailer that has origins in Philadelphia. Their cafés are currently located in major metropolitan areas including New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Their motto, “America Deserves Better Coffee”, runs true in their product as they are exploring innovative methods for brewing the best cup of joe. La Colombe is the first café to sell a draft latte and they have many other unique blends that aim to please the most adventurous coffee connoisseurs. 


Russ Kelly & Associates was able to capture the artisan vibes of La Colombe through the custom millwork, as well as the hand-crafted wood trellis ceiling and refurbished wall tiles which create an industrial feel. The chalkboard menus with built-in LED lights complete the look and display all of the exclusive items that La Colombe has to offer. La Colombe is the perfect spot for travelers to fill their caffeine cravings while on the go, or while waiting for their next flight.

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