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What We Did

EverybodyFights has just opened its first Philadelphia location. This gym not only allows members a place to make their own personal gains, but it also offers a feeling of community. From boxing to yoga, this gym has a little bit of everything and is the perfect place for both beginners and long-time fitness lovers. RKA captured the grit of this establishment with the industrial look of the interior. The ceiling was sprayed with a one-inch layer of K-13 that serves as insulation and reduces the echo, and was painted black along with the joists and  are remain exposed throughout the space and on each of the drywall fronts there are decorative murals painted to inspire hard work and dedication. As you walk down the stairs toward the gym’s entrance, you are greeted by the faces of Philadelphia’s own Harry Lewis and Jack O’Brien; two boxers from the early 1900’s.

Unique To The Project

The floors throughout are primarily rubber tile, with finished concrete near the entrance and tile in the bathrooms and saunas. In the middle of the space there is a regulation boxing ring, installed by RKA, which is surrounded by different types of boxing and cardio equipment including rowing machines, speed bags, treadmills, ball heavy bags, and ellipticals. There are different group training rooms located throughout the space and they are a separated from the main room by glass-paneled garage doors. One of the training rooms is referred to as “the bag room” because of the 60 heavy bags that RKA bolted to the joists. Although they are known for their unique group and individual training techniques, EBF also offers a full gym including power racks, barbells, free weights, kettle bells, and many other pieces that can be used to spice up any workout. RKA faced some difficulty during this project in the way that each any every task had to be coordinated with all of the subcontractors, carpenters, and other craftsman. This is because there was only one way to enter and exit the jobsite and there were very precise time frames for when certain materials had to arrive based on the level of priority for a given task. RKA rolled with the punches throughout the completion of EBF and the finished project is a masterpiece containing all the gumption and perseverance a gym goer needs, so get down there and “unleash your inner fighter.”

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