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Alpen Rose

116 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107

What We Did

Alpen Rose is “a classic steakhouse, reimagined.” It is the newest addition to the Schulson Collective and has an elegant and sophisticated setting with western saloon undertones. This intimate eatery has prefinished pine covering the walls and the domed ceiling and rounded millwork all installed by RKA. The custom (what kind of wood?) bar and refinished original oak floor which gives the dining area a rustic vibe. 

Unique to the Project

Towards the rear of the space, the wall is covered by a floor-to-ceiling bookcase giving the dining room a homey feel. The basement level of Alpen Rose is a preparation room that is adjoined to Double Knot, another Schulson creation. RKA faced some challenges with the size of the jobsite as it was hard to maneuver around one another with all of the materials and equipment. Overall, RKA pulled through and got the job done in a timely manner. Alpen Rose is the epitome of fine dining and is the perfect spot to indulge into a unique and delicious masterpiece.

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