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What We Did

Rittenhouse Square welcomes Alimentari: the latest Italian-style café by DiBruno Bros. This new eatery is located on the second floor of their pre-existing market and offers a variety of Roman-style pizzas, charcuterie, a cheese bar, salads, and wine pairings. RKA executed the creation of this sleek space and was able to emphasize classic Italian style with modern undertones throughout the project. The custom black-and-white mosaic tile floor serves as an accent as it is paired with the original floor that RKA sanded and refinished. White subway tile used on the walls along with the large bookcase accent wall. Above the kitchen area, there are shelving unites similar to the accent wall, made with the same reclaimed lumber that had been charred to achieve the desired look. RKA had to install black iron mounts in these units so that the meat and other items could hang there.

Unique To The Project

Around the perimeter of the dining area, custom cut antique mirror trim was used to illuminate the area and add to the dinner time ambiance. In order for the mirrors to stay in place, RKA created the paneling so that the glass would fit securely into its place in the wall. Over the course of the project RKA faced some difficulty with the electrical wiring because in the early stages of the job, the wiring had to be completed without damaging the preexisting plaster ceiling. With much patience and diligence, RKA was able to overcome this obstacle and the plaster ceiling remained unscathed. Alimentari is the epitome of a classic favorite that has been upgraded to a new level of style and is the place to enjoy “good food and camaraderie.”

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